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Workshop on "Hadoop Application Development"
Amrutvahini College of Engineering Sep,16 2017

Workshop on "Hadoop Application Development"

Attention Avcoe students !!

Computer engineering department is organising a workshop on Hadoop application development. With Hadoop, even the impossible things look so trivial. With the use of #Hadoop, increased number of organizations are able to effectively use their marketing dollars, find out about customer buying and click patterns, provide personalized recommendations, personalize ad targeting, etc. So the big question is how is learning Hadoop helpful to you as an individual? So here we come up with a workshop to learn Hadoop. Following are the features,
  1. Hadoop brings in better career opportunities in 2018.
  2. Exponentially growing Big Data Market.
  3. Increased Number of Hadoop Jobs.
  4. Learn Hadoop to Make Big Money with Big Data Hadoop Jobs.
  5. Learn Hadoop to pace up with the increased adoption of Hadoop by Big data companies.

Tel: (02425) 259015/16/17/18 259148(P)
Fax: (02425) 259016

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