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The Dept. offers Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry for first year engineering whereas Engineering Mathematics is for first and second year engineering and for PG. Engineering Mathematics is the backbone of all Engineering disciplines. Hence a lot of stress is given on Mathematics in engineering education. As per the AICTE and Univ. of Pune norms the Engineering Science Dept. has 5 Associate Professors and 10 Assistant Professors who are enthusiastic and dynamic with 2 Technical Assistants, committed towards all the departmental activities. The First Year Engineering (F E Common Dept) along with the other Dept. Faculty members manage 11 divisions.

The Engineering Science dept has well equipped Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry labs. A dedicated language laboratory is also available for all F.E. students for the enrichment of soft skills. The faculty members are closely associated with first year students through ‘Tutor Teacher’ Scheme. The attendance, academic performance of the students is monitored regularly and the report is sent to the parents time to time. Students’ counseling meetings are conducted monthly. In addition to university final examinations, unit tests, preliminary examinations are conducted. Different types of guest lectures, sports and cultural programs are organized.

Experienced and qualified faculties take a lot of efforts relentlessly which gives excellent results. Department is committed to serve the needs of various branches of engineering by fostering an effective teaching & learning environment.

Year Date Topic

Expert Name

2016-17 26/10/2016 ‘Positive attitude’ Mr. Prantik Panigrahi
  22/09/2016 ‘Email etiquettes’ Mr. Hrishikesh Pawar
  30/08/2016 ‘Preparation for Government Competitive exams’  Mr. Yogesh Sapnar
  11/08/2016 ‘Corporate Culture Preparation’ Mr.Veeshwajeet Kashid
2015-16 1/3/2016 Information security Mrs. Kavita Rahane
  22/2/2016 Cyber security Mrs. Kavita Rahane
  13/1/2016 Entrepreneurship Developement Mr. Deepak Maniyar
  06/08/2015 Industry Expectation From Managment Gratudate   Mr. Abhijit Kamble
02/08/2014 Entrepreneurship Development Mr.Vivek Sinare  
10/09/2014 Carrier in Banking Sector Mr.Rohan Das
27/07/2013 Supply Chain Management Mr.Balaji Arun Shingare
24/8/2013 Role of MBA in Pharma Industry Mr. Amol Achrekar
22/10/2012 HR Meet - Challenges and opportunities Mr. Shriniwas, Mrs. Mandankar
13/01/2012 Education and indusrty relation Dr. Sanjay Malpani
27/01/2012 Challenges and opportunities in 21st Century-India Perspective Dr. Shashi Tharoor
  15/02/2012 Memory Power Mr. Dighe
21/03/2012 Commncation Skills and Business Etiquettes Mr. S. Patil
27/03/2012 Six Sigma Mr. C. Vishwanathan and Prof. Kanaure
30/10/2010 Principle and Practice of management Dr. Wagholikar
Year Date Name Expert Name
8/29/2016 One Day seminar "Gateway Campus to Corporate"

Mr. Ajit Tawade

05/02/2016 Management Practices For Effective Decision Making

Mr. Arun Deore

Mr. Sachin Jogalekar

  09/01/2016 Resume writing workshop Kharde S.D. & Satav V.V.
03/03/2015 Next Step- We Care Your Future Dr.Parag Saraf
19/10/2013 Management Control System Dr.D.A.Gokhale
15/02/2013 SmithHarsh Academy
16/03/2012 Relevance of case study in management Dr. Azharuddin
Year Title Date
2015-16 Two days national Conference on “Managing 3 P' S:Profit , People & Planet" 15/01/2016 to 16/01/2016
  National Conference  on "Emerging Trends in Business & Commerce : A sustainable Mechanism for Vision 2020" 05/01/2016 to 06/01/2016
 2014-15 1) Two days national Conference on “Innovation in Design & Manufacturing” at Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner 19/09/2014 to 20/09/2014
2013-14 1) National Level Seminar on “Indian Financial Market- Away Forward toward Inclusive Growth” at PIREN’S IBMA, Loni.

2) Seminar on ‘Post Globalisation Reforms in Asian Countries’ at Institute of Management & Business Administration, Akole

3) Participation In Research Conference. At University of Pune, BCUD
17/10/2013 to 19/10/2013


03/05/2014 to 04/05/2014
2012-13 1)National Conference on “Managing Economic Downturn”, Jalgaon

2)International Conference “What moves the growth? Challenges and Opportunities in Business Management and Engineering ”,Pune

3)National Conference on “Business Excellence through Corporate Governence”, Nashik
02/11/2012 to 3/11/2012

08/02/2013 to 09/02/2013

15/02/2013 to 16/02/2013
2011-12 1)National Conference on “Derivatives – An emerging Market”, Shrigondha

2)International Conference “Current Trends & Challenges in Management”, Aurangabad

3)International Conference on “ Global Recession to Global Recovery - Opportunity, Challnges and Strategies for Sustainable Growth”, Ahmedabad

4)International Conference on “Pull based supply Chain – The future of SCM”, Pune

5)National Conference on “Reverse Logistics – Backbone of cost reduction in Today’s Industry”, Pune

6)National Conference Entitled “Managealization 2012” Changing Scenario of Management & I.T.,” Osmanabad

7)National Conference Entitled “Higher Education – Challenges & Security” Osmanabad

8)National Conference Entitled “Innovative Practices in Banking and Finance”, Ahmednagar
01/03/2012 to 03/03/2012

23/03/2012 to 25/03/2012
05/01/2012 to 07/01/2012




25/02/2012 to 26/02/2012

16/03/2012 & 18/03/2012
Year Title Date
Two days A National Level faculty Development Programme on " Ph.D Thesis Writing And Research Paper/ Proposal Writing
22/07/2016 & 23/07/2016
State Level Workshop on Reseach Methodology at Nahata College, Bhusaval 
1) Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ at MITCON in association with Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangmaner
2) National Seminar on “Indian Women Entrpreneurship” at Arts Science & commerce college, Tryambakeshwar
1)06/10/2014 to 18/10/2014

2)06/02/2015 & 07/02/2015
1) National Seminar on ‘Business Design for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development with Special Reference to India' Nashik
2) National seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship as a tool for Socio-Economic Development ’, Sangamner
3) National seminar on ‘ Indian Financial Market-Away forward towards Inclusive Growth’ Loni
1)26/09/2013 to 28/09/2013

2)08/10/2013 & 09/10/2013

3)17/10/2013 to 19/10/2013
1) National seminar on ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & His Management Principles'Nashik
2) National Level Workshop on ‘Supply Chain Management by Mumbai Dabbawalas'Ahmednagar

1) National seminar on ‘Integration of Environmental Marketing & TQM’, Akole
2) National seminar on ‘Empowering researcher to Overcome Hurdles with Latest Statistical Tools, SPSS & Methods in Research’ Nasik
3) Faculty development program at SBS Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune
4) AICTE sponsored one week Faculty development program at JDC Bytco, Nasik
5) Mission 10 X faculty development workshop by WIPRO at SRES, Kopargaon
1)16/03/2012 to 18/03/2012

2)23/02/2012 to 25/02/2012

3)21/11/2011 to 23/11/2011
4)21/11/2011to 27/12/2011
5)19/11/2011 to 23/11/2011
Year Title Date
2012-2013 National Symposium On 'Financial outlook & foreign direct investment', Nashik 25/01/2013
Year Name of the student   Date Event details
 MBA II   16/07/2016 -17/07/2016 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp,
MBA I Student
  10/09/2015 to 12/09/2015 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp,Sangamner
MBA I Student
  10/02/2015 to 12/02/2015 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp,Sangamner
MBA I Student   08/10/2013 Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Socio-Economic Development,Sangamner
MBA I and II Students
  27/10/2012 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & His Managment Principles,Nashik
MBA I and II Students
  06/02/2012 EDP, MCED, Nashik
Year Date Class Place visited
26/09/2016 MBA I & II Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd. Nasik and Chemito Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Nasik
25/03/2016 MBA I Sangamner Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd., Sangamner (Rajhans Aqua & Milk plant)
23/09/2015 MBA I and II Parag Milk Foods Ltd. Manchar
07/09/2014 MBA I and II Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd, Khopoli
7/10/2013 MBA I and II Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd, Khopoli
05/10/2012 MBA-I and II Suhan Aerosol
21/02/2012 MBA-I Endurance, Aurangabad
-- MBA-I Rajhans, Sangamner
Year Date Event Details Expert Name
 2016-17 15/09/2016 ‘Swachha Day’ activity of cleanliness drive in college campus Satav V.V.
  09/09/2016 Management activity- Group Discussion Kharde S.D.
  06/09/2016 to 08/09/2016 Three days Value Addition Course on English Speaking by MITCON trainer Mr. Devendra Zha Kharde S.D.
  19/08/2016 Management activity- Extempore Kharde S.D.
  12/08/2016 Mock Interviews Kharde S.D. under T&P (conducted by all staff)
21/3/2016 Mock Interviews Kharde S.D.
  18/3/2016 Expert lecture on "Research Methedology" Dr. J.B. Gurav
  15/02/2016 Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, cleanliness drive in Sangamner city Social activity club of college
29/09/2014 MANIFESTO-2K14  
20/09/2013 English Contest Test  
22/02/2013 to 23/02/2013 Techuniq 2k13  
Year Course details In association with
2012-13 Soft Skills Seed Infotech
Year Date Alumni Name
04/10/2016 Mr. Faizal Shaikh
28/10/2015 Mr. Sharad Thete
20/08/2014 Ms.Vidya  Gunjal
14/09/2013 Mr.Gopal Kokate
21/09/2012 Mr.Deepak Tanpure
  25/01/2013 Mr.Sachin Jadhav
Title of Project Status Cost Of Project
Job Analysis Implementation for insurance sector Approved 90,000/-
Linkage of Recruitment & Selection practices with growth of Company Approved 1,10,000/-
Impact of Co-operative Sugar factories in Nashik Approved 1,10,000/-
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