Department of Engineering Sciences


Engineering Science dept. is a bridge that connects Pure Science with engineering practices. It aims to provide a strong foundation for students of engineering and is one of the indispensable departments of the institute. These are the foundation courses for all Engineering branches hence a common course is offered to all students during first year engineering.

The Dept. offers Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry for first year engineering whereas Engineering Mathematics is for first and second year engineering and for PG. Engineering Mathematics is the backbone of all Engineering disciplines. Hence a lot of stress is given on Mathematics in engineering education. As per the AICTE and Univ. of Pune norms the Engineering Science Dept. has 5 Associate Professors and 10 Assistant Professors who are enthusiastic and dynamic with 2 Technical Assistants, committed towards all the departmental activities. The First Year Engineering (F E Common Dept) along with the other Dept. Faculty members manage 11 divisions.

The Engineering Science dept has well equipped Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry labs. A dedicated language laboratory is also available for all F.E. students for the enrichment of soft skills. The faculty members are closely associated with first year students through ‘Tutor Teacher’ Scheme. The attendance, academic performance of the students is monitored regularly and the report is sent to the parents time to time. Students’ counseling meetings are conducted monthly. In addition to university final examinations, unit tests, preliminary examinations are conducted. Different types of guest lectures, sports and cultural programs are organized.

Experienced and qualified faculties take a lot of efforts relentlessly which gives excellent results. Department is committed to serve the needs of various branches of engineering by fostering an effective teaching & learning environment.