Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


The department has taken development as a continuous process and assured this through its mission. The department has blend of senior, young and dynamic staff. The department has following laboratories equipped with modern instruments and advanced software.

The department has following laboratories,

To cope up with the advanced curriculum of the university, all these laboratories are equipped with special instruments like modern 4 channel isolated DSO's,Digital CRO's,Spectrum analyser, Network analyser, EMI/EMC Test Probe Set,RF trainer kits, MIC trainer kits,Klystron and Gunn diode based Microwave Test Bench with various microwave components, Antenna trainer kits, Wobuloscope, TMS 380C50 DSP trainer kits, HDTV Trainer Kit, WiFi TV trainer, LAN trainer Kit,FPGA trainer kits,OTDR and OTDR simulation package, Xilinx 6.4, PLDs,various communication trainer kits(for both analog and digital communication),Microprocessor and microcontroller trainer kits with advanced universal programing tools,etc..

Besides curriculum, seminars by eminent personalities like

The department has organized following workshops to improve student’s practical knowledge

The department has a student association ELITE (Expressive League of Inspiring Telecommunication Engineers) for department student activities. The department also has established antenna club, hobby club and ham radio club to improve the actvity based learning.


Courses Offered

Sr. No Name of the Course Intake Establishment Year
1. BE (E&TC Engineering) 60 2000-01
2. ME (E&TC Engineering) 24 2011-12


To create opportunity for rural student to become able Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers and technocrats through continual excellence in the emerging areas of Telecommunication engineering education.



Our mission is to create self-disciplined, physically fit, mentally robust and morally strong Electronics & telecommunication Engineering and technocrats with high degree of integrity who are able to meet challenges of ever advancing telecommunication technology for the benefit of mankind and nature. We the faculty and staff, therefore promise to strive hard commit ourselves to achieve this objective through a continuous process of learning and appreciation of need of time.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs): 

In Consultation with its Constituents, the Electronics & Telecommunication Department has set its Educational objectives as follows:


PEO1) Fundamental Knowledge:  Graduate of the program will be having strong background in basic sciences and mathematics. He will be able to use this knowledge in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering.


PEO2) Technical Competence: Graduate of the program will be technically prepared and developed to compete in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication engineering and develop solutions to the problems in various areas of Electronics & Telecommunication engineering.


PEO3) Design Skills: To prepare Graduates with problem solving skills, laboratory skills and design skills for technical careers


PEO4) Professional leadership: Graduates of the program will be prepared with professional skills to deliver effectively in a multi disciplinary team and domain.


PEO5) Self Learning: Graduates of the program will be prepared to continue their professional development through continuing education and personal development through life-long learning.


PEO6) Ethical & Moral Behavior: Graduates of the program will be able to ensure their ethical and moral behavior.