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Welcome to the Central Library of Amrutvahini College of Engineering. The main objective of central library is to provide seamless access to information to its users in a networked environment and to become a premier Learning Resource Centre in Engineering, Science & Technology and related areas. The library has rich collection of books on Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, E & TC Engineering, Engineering Science, Electrical Engineering and MBA. The collection includes text books, reference books, handbooks & CDs etc. The library has covering an area of 1222.00 square meters. It has well designed and maintained stack rooms. The library database is centrally computerized for accession and renewals with smart card for the students and bar codes for the books for easy, secure and quick operation. Student can search the books through Web-OPAC. The facility of photocopying and printing is provided to the students at affordable rates. The library subscribes various reputed engineering databases.

Library E-Resources :

Databases / Digital Library

  • Institutional Repository
  • IEEE
  • ASME ( Amrerican Society for Mechanical Engineering )
  • ASCE ( Amrerican Society for Civil Engineering )
  • Elsevier (Science Direct)
  • ProQuest
  • DELNET ( Developing Library Network )
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library (Download Free IEEE, Sciencedirect, Nature, Elsevier etc. Reserch Papers)

Name Total Rooms Capacity
Kalsubai - I (Girls) 95 380
Kalsubai - II (Girls) 72 288
Sinhgad (Boys) 96 584
4.Sajjangad (Boys) 123 480

Girls Hostel in time:6.00 pm.

Boys Hostel in time:10.00 pm.

Rules (major)

All inmates of the Amrutvahini group of Institution shall strictly follow the following rules.

  1. Admission to hostel will be given to bonafide regular students of Amrutvahini Institutes only. Stay in hostel is not a right of the student but a facility provided by the institute.
  2. Stay in hostel is solely for the purpose to facilitate academic activities at Amrutvahini Institutes.
  3. All hostel inmates shall submit three passport size photographs and get the hostel identity card. Hostel ID card will be required for entry to the hostel for identification. Student should carry along with the hostel and institute ID card at all times.
  4. The management has right to change/after accommodation rules and regulations.
  5. Allotment of accommodation is as per the management norms.
  6. Hostel inmates should keep hostel room/premises neat and clean. Posters are not permitted to be displayed, no marking on walls, doors and no extra attachments of electrical fittings to be allowed.
  7. Student should take care of their valuables and cash. Authorities are not responsible for any theft or loss.
  8. Lock and key for the room is to be brought by the student and one key to be kept in the office of Resident Rector for an emergency.
  9. Each student should check furniture provided in the room and report if not in order at the time of allotment and should be returned back to the hostel authorities in proper shape and condition at the time of vacating the room.
  10. Hostel security deposit of Rs. 2000/- for first year student will be refunded to the student on leaving hostel permanently.
  11. The daily reporting time in the hostel for boys is 9.30 pm and for girls 6.30 pm.
  12. Parties or birthday celebrations inside the hostel rooms are strictly prohibited.
  13. Creating indiscipline/mischief/fight/misbehavior may lead to expulsion from the hostel. Further, such student may not be considered for the hostel accommodation in future. No refunds will be made to the expelled.
  14. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and chewing of tobacco inside the hostel is strictly prohibited. Such students will be expelled from the hostel & can rusticate from the college
  15. Playing of radio/audio cassettes inside the room is not permitted. If disturbance is reported the Resident Rector/Rector can confiscate the musical instruments, which will be returned at the end of the semester.
  16. Safety precautions-Heating appliances such as Electric stove, heaters, gas stove, Hot-plates, Iron etc. are not permitted to be used in the room and if they found using the appliances will be confiscated & heavy fine will be charged.
  17. Cost of damages made to in the hostel property (including furniture) shall be recovered from the inmates along with fine.
  18. No change of room is permitted without the written permission of Rector.
  19. Students of this hostel are to vacate the hostel after three days of the final exams. No further stay is permitted.
  20. Student should not touch any electrical wiring in the room and outside the panel fittings, which may cause fatal accidents and the management will not held responsible
  21. It is the responsibility of all students to switch off electrical fans, lights when not in use if it is observed that the fan, tubes etc. not switched off when room is closed a very heavy fine shall be imposed.
  22. Student taking tea, cold drinks and other eatables from the general stores should use dust bins provided and do not carry empty tins and cups to unwanted places.
  23. The failed students are not allowed to stay in the hostel. They should vacate the hostel within three days after declaration of results.
  24. During examination period failed students are allowed to avail the hostel facility by paying nominal charges.
  25. The students desirous of staying out side at night, going on vacation should submit application to the rector (Leave application) for the approval. In case it is observed that the student if absent without prior permission disciplinary action will be taken against him/her by intimating to his/her parents.
  26. Students going out of the hostel premises should follow the security rules of sign in & out logbook placed with the security guard.
  27. Ragging is strictly prohibited by law. If it is observed that any student is involved in ragging a very severe action will be taken against him/her and the default student will be expelled from the hostel at once. The matter will be communicated to principal and parents
  28. Any kind of anti social activities inside/outside the hostel premises are liable for expulsion from the hostel and for legal action.
  29. The students should pay hostel dues as directed by the Rector/Chief Rector from time to time.
  30. The student will not invite any outsider to the room in the hostel. If found any outsider I room at any time heavy fine will imposed on room inmates.
  31. The students should not do any such act which disturbs the others
  32. If any mishap happen inside the room of the students neither the Rector/Chief Rector nor the institute will be responsible for it.
  33. Hostel Fees will not be refunded if the student vacates the hostel for personal reason